List App

An app to organize movies, TV shows, books, and games and share with friends.

Similar apps all contain issues: clutter, too many non-essential features, and not enough essential features. My goal was to create the simplest experience while providing the most essential functionality.

By focusing on the app's core functionality from the very beginning, I was able to able to craft an experience that is simple and useful.

Research, Ideation, Sketches, Interactive Prototype

Research & Ideation

I conducted interviews to determine which functionality is most important to the user. Once I had an idea of what to prioritize, I created a list of every screen's potential functionality.

I also learned that while a mobile app was preferred, respondents expressed an interest in a desktop web app as well. I decided to focus first on mobile.


To design the simplest experience, I continually ask: what is essential? How can the user do what they want in as few steps as possible? Which hierarchy of information best serves the users' needs?

I sketched some flows and interfaces to figure that out.


As I refined each interface, I continued to focus on clarity and reduction.

Wherever possible, the most essential information is available without the need to scroll. It is also clear in each view where all possible actions are located.

Final Thoughts

This project was born out of my own dissatisfaction with available offerings and the goal of creating a desirable solution that I myself would be excited to use. I'm happy to say that my goal was achieved.

That said, this app would benefit from additional testing, refinement, and adding new features as they are requested. I am also in the process of designing a desktop web app.