Hi, I'm a Chicago-based designer focused on UX & UI.

My last six years as a designer have taught me how to translate complex ideas into refined visual experiences that respect and empower users.

I'm currently working as a UX Designer at Slalom, doing anything from research and prototying to supporting developers.

How do I approach design?

My guiding light through the entire design process is simple: respect the user. By respecting users' time, abilities, and background, I create products that serve their needs.

I also believe in optimizing the design process itself. This involves using the right tools for each stage, doing user research, and figuring out the core identity of a product as early as possible.

But, as great as it would be for everything to go right, it usually doesn't. That's why I try to be flexible.

Resume  |  hello@danielcrespo.net

I am also an illustrator, photographer, and classically-trained pianist.